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IAmProSe provides culturally sensitive education for you, the Black Survivor.  We support you in understanding Domestic Violence and how to protect and keep your children safe.  We understand that your survivorship does not look like other cultures.  Due to the historical oppression of Black people and atrocities that have occurred within the Black Community, we move different.  We assist in Education & Community Referrals for:  (1) Women who decide to stay in the relationship; (2) Women who have decided to leave; and (3) Women who are in post-separation which is the most dangerous time.  General Information Seminars, and Workshops are provided monthly.

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We are dedicated in providing safety options and resources to Black Survivors. Black Survivors safety is layered not only due to the complexities of domestic violence but also navigating dealing with systems of oppression. IAmProSe works to provide resources and materials to assist in Black Survivors safety, especially during post-separation. 

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Mental Health & Healing

IAmProSe works to support Black Survivors to normalize obtaining needed mental health services and discussions. We desire to make mental health a priority in supporting services.  Healing from trauma is important for every Black Survivors of Domestic Violence.

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IAmProSe works to support Black Survivors of Domestic Violence in post-separation issues of family management.  Many times Survivors are having to deal with trying to parent with their abusers.  Family Court systems heighten already sensitive situations by forcing interactions.  Systems are placing Black Mothers directly in harm with no thought rulings of child visitations, child support, and releasing of information.  We work with the Survivor to limit conflict that court systems create. We assist in conflict and dispute resolution services.

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IAmProSe provides cultural education and training for community institutions that engage with Black Survivors of Domestic Violence.  Community Institutions includes: 

  • Churches
  • School Systems

  • Hospitals/ Health Systems

  • Community DV Organizations

  • Child Welfare Agencies

  • Family Court Systems

  • Criminal Court Systems

  • Local, State & National Government

We work to provide cultural awareness of the plight of the Black Survivor, the need of support, safety protocols to contribute to the prevention of  domestic violence.​  If you need education and training for your community, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US!

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Black DV Survivors are dealing with not only abuse and violence, but societal systems of oppression. These systems were created to oppress Black people and for the Black Survivor these systems hinder services and/or protections. IAmProSe works as a Community Organizer in generating media awareness of racist and discriminatory practices against Survivors of Domestic Violence. Our goal to build strong community support to build social change

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IAmProSe conductS independent reviews of Black Domestic Violence (DV) fatalities in real time.  Independent reviews include evaluations, assessments, surveys, collection of statistics and analysis of individual cases of lethal/fatal domestic violence events regarding Black Women. From information obtained from such reviews, our organization reaches out personally to community systems of failures to offer resources training and awareness to prevent future failures within the Black community. CONTACT US if you are interested in an Independent Review of a Black Woman DV cases that result in fatalities.  We are going to change our communities and no death will be in vain, "HER LIFE MATTERS".

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