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About Us

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Elizabeth Stewart-Williams

Who We Are



Elizabeth Stewart-Williams, MDR

IAmProSe are dedicated members (Men and Women) of the community that are unified in the eradication and prevention of domestic violence specifically within Black community. We care about Black Women and the Black community.   


IAmProSe is a Texas Non-Profit that is in pending tax-exempt 501c3 status.  

IAmProSe empowers the Black Community to prevent, deter, and eradicate domestic violence against Black Women within communities.  This mission is fulfilled through education, advocacy, services, public awareness, and grassroots community organizing and community engagement.

The Black Community is an expansive diversity of the diaspora including the following:

  • Black/African-Americans

  • Africans

  • Afro-Caribbeans

  • Afro-Latinas

IAmProSe has partnered with THE BLACK DV COLLECTIVE (This collective contains Black-led Domestic Violence Organizations); PRECIOUS JEWELS (This Women's Ministry is dedicated to eradicating Domestic Violence). We are elated to partner and work with these dynamic groups. 

Let’s Work Together

Main Office Location: Texas

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